How To Get Proper ISO Settings ?

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What is ISO ? How to get proper ISO settings according to the situation ? This is a major question. Photographers always confused about the best settings on a camera to get suitable image. ISO plays an important role in making of a good image, according to the situation.

What Is ISO ?

It simply means that how sensitive to film was to light. We can make a description like this Image Sensitivity Of Film / Light. In digital photography the term ISO means that the image sensor of the camera is how sensible to the light. ISO values comes like this ISO-100 , ISO-200, ISO-400, ISO-800. 
The main important thing you should know about the ISO is that, increasing the ISO increases the grain amount and it will seriously effect the Sharpness of the image also.
( Most of the professional Digital-SLR cameras have the property to reduce the grain when high ISO values are recommended ).

Situations And Examples

Photographers generally use higher ISO values to get rid from dark situations. 

Example 1 : A photographer is taking a birthday party photo in low light room. There is no external light and flash, he is forced to higher his camera ISO value to get images.

Example 2 : He is taking a photo of indoor game performing under low light, he is forced to higher his ISO value to get smart shutter speeds.

How To Get Proper ISO Settings

Most of the photographers have this confusion about the ISO. So they go for the only method that is to change the Manual mode to the Aperture Priority mode or Shutter Priority mode. Simply armature photographers go for Auto Mode (No Confusion Mode).

This is not the right way, photographers should understand about the light the situations and change proper Shutter Speed ratio to the ISO settings. This is the right way that understanding your situations and change the settings to proper method. 

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