5 Gallery Styles For Photography Blogs

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Go through some best gallery style designs for your photography blog. Every photographer has a dream that a perfect blog with good gallery style and to arrange photos. Arranging the photos in a gallery style will made a silent attraction to your blog design. So check some designs which is best for photography blog.

Novelty WordPress Design

Novelty is gallery style template with attractive four picture gallery and black footer design. Its a center aligned design.

Lugas Blogger Template

Lugas blogger template with 5 column photo arrangement with titles on the bottom of the pictures. White colored template with attractive 3 column footer also.

Photography Studio

Photography studio is black gallery style with 3 column picture gallery. Sidebar is added to the template and has no footer.

Shotmag Gallery Template

Shotmag is gallery style template with picture slider on the top and gallery style is just below that. With normal simple style footer is added to the template.

Photography Template Design 

Photography is a gallery style with 3 column picture gallery. Its comes with a simple design and normal footer.

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