Choose Your Proper Situations - Lessons On DSLR

Photographers are clicking always, what is clicking and for what they click ? There is a question about that. In means to a photographer clicking is the best ability but, there is so many things before your simple click. Understand about the situations and the conditions. Factor is also an important thing too. The right time are you choosing for it ? Let me check you are on the right way of clicking.Today let we discuss about some serious lessons on photography that understanding the situation. A serious issue, because there are so many factors are in addiction to this topic.
Mainly we can can disuses 3 important factors to understand your situation and while these situation is in front of you, how to handle it.

Availability Of Light

Light is the actual treat of photograph. Most important factor of a photographer is the availability of light. We can discuss it on later post about the light and proper lighting on photography. 
Simply check your light conditions. If the time is day/night. What type of lights are there. If day time there is sunlight, most powerful light. Most of the photographers are doing in the same less their camera ISO in sunlight, in some cases lesser down the ISO to minimum is not a best solution, can use filters or higher shutter rates to control the ISO value. If the time is night so there is good source of light they simply increase the ISO value and lesser the shutters to get good photographs.

Increasing ISO Value

Simply increasing the ISO value will seriously affect the photograph. It will increase the grains and will reduce the sharpness of photograph. So that's not a appropriate solution, and below post will discuss about the proper ISO values.
Avoid low light situation is good while increasing the ISO values. Or better use external lights to get proper light to make it better. Next simple method is to use a flash. Every photographers keep one external flash light in their kit, because in some low light situation they can simply reflect the flash light or use it in addition to direct flash cutter.

What Is Going To Take ?

What is going to take is the next question. What subject is focusing and what category ? Trying to take a landscape photograph in low light is very bad idea. Using a flash or external lights are not a proper way to take up. So choose your time to take the photograph. Day times with available sunlight is best time to take your landscapes.
If you are taking a portrait of model inside your studio room, you can simply light up and use flash triggers to get proper light in less ISO. 
Taking macros or low exposures use the flash or external lights. If you are in long exposures better choose your right time to take the photograph.

Choose The Right Gear

Your gear is your photograph. Choose your right gear along with your category of photography. There is no use a macro photographer keeps a wide lens in his kit. He must choose best macro or zoom lens for taking the right photograph. Always keep things in your kit and maintain it well all time. Right gear will increase the confidence of your photography too.

Proper Light Combinations - Pre Production

Make proper light combinations to make it more attractive, you can simply use filters in pre production time make that. Pre production combinations are exact color of the photograph.

Hope you understand the lessons. Thanks for reading the topic. Enjoy clicking.

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