How To Protect Your DSLR Camera Screen


Today we gonna discuss about some DSLR camera maintenance. The most important and sensitive part of your camera outside is your camera screen. So lets have some idea to protect your DSLR camera screen.

Screen Guard 

There are so many types screen guards are now available in shop, both the hard type protector and simple plastic type. Both are good ones. If your camera screen is tilt one so you can better go with the plastic type. And your screen is other type, the hard glass type protectors are good.

Good Cleaning Methods

The most important part is that the cleaning method. Here below I'm going to advice some good practices of cleaning your camera screen.

Follow These Methods

1. Use rocket blower to blow the particle dust over the screen.
2. Use camera cleaning liquid and spray it over the screen, and gently remove it.
3. Use micro fiber cloth over the screen softly/gently to clean the screen.

Don't Use These Methods

1. Don't clean the screen with hard cloth.
2. Don't use water, spray or any other cleaning lotions.

So many people don't know about the good cleaning methods, they always use the local sprays or any other screen to clean their screen. Camera screen is the most important part of a camera. Protect it !
Thanks for reading, feel free to comment any thoughts or doubts.

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