Right Way To Clean Your Camera Lens

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Lens is also a part of camera, so maintain and protect your lens is also an important thing. Today we are going to discuss about the proper cleaning methods to clean your DSLR camera lens. Many people don't know about the cleaning methods, they simply clean the lens or cleaning lotion.So lets go through the good practices that you can adopt to clean your lens.

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Good Cleaning Methods & Items Needed

Step 1 : Using Air Blower

First you must remove all the dust particles from your lens, before using the cloth or lotion. Use air blower to blow all dust.

Step 2 : Lens Clean Brush

Then you can use soft lens clean brush to clean all minute particles and make sure there is no particles on the lens top.

Step 3 : Premium Cleaning Fluid

Theses fluids are specially designed for camera lens. Make sure that you are using the lens cleaning fluid with premium quality. Then spray it over the lens.

Step 4 : Premium Grade Lens Tissue

Lens cleaning tissues are very soft and dust lens. So use the cleaning tissue over the lens very gently and smoothly on rotating motion. After that wait for some time to evaporate the fluid completely from the lens.

Step 5 : Cotton Swabs 

Use cotton swabs to clean the lens body. Use can gently roll it over and remove dusts.

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