5 Gallery Styles For Photography Blogs

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Go through some best gallery style designs for your photography blog. Every photographer has a dream that a perfect blog with good gallery style and to arrange photos. Arranging the photos in a gallery style will made a silent attraction to your blog design. So check some designs which is best for photography blog.

Novelty WordPress Design

Novelty is gallery style template with attractive four picture gallery and black footer design. Its a center aligned design.

Lugas Blogger Template

Lugas blogger template with 5 column photo arrangement with titles on the bottom of the pictures. White colored template with attractive 3 column footer also.

Photography Studio

Photography studio is black gallery style with 3 column picture gallery. Sidebar is added to the template and has no footer.

Shotmag Gallery Template

Shotmag is gallery style template with picture slider on the top and gallery style is just below that. With normal simple style footer is added to the template.

Photography Template Design 

Photography is a gallery style with 3 column picture gallery. Its comes with a simple design and normal footer.

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Sharpen Your Images In Photoshop Using High Pass Filter

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Today we are going to learn how to sharpen your images in Adobe Photoshop using High Pass Filter. Its a simple technique that most of the Photoshop users are using to make more sharpen the images. By using this filter effect we can increase the sharpness of image and by that we can add more quality and professional touch to our images, With the high pass filter you should get better results in your photographs. The high pass filter will retouch the edges of the image, it will appear more sharpen. So lets go through it.

Here I add the image, with high pass filter.

Without High Pass Filter

highpass, filter,photoshop

With High Pass Filter

highpass, filter,photoshop

Here we can easily find out the difference where the head portion of the first elephant is more detailed when we add the high pass filter. Red and yellow balloons are also more detailed. Its the image only just added the high pass filter. After adding the filter you must color correct it. And correct the saturation and contrast also to get better results.

So lets go through the high pass filter sharpen technique.

High Pass Filter Sharpen In Photoshop

  • Open the Image in Adobe Photoshop (CS5 - Or higher version is better to preserve the quality)
  • Then make the image as layer
  • Make a copy of the same image by pressing Ctrl + J (Windows) , Command + J (Mac)
  • The Go-to Filter - Other - High Pass (Adjust the high pass value)
  • Then press your layer copy and add soft light
  • After that adjust the contrast and saturation of the image to get better result.
My final result after the color correction.

highpass, filter,photoshop

Here you can see a big difference after the proper color correction made to the image. You can adjust color tones and it related to mood of the image.
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Right Way To Clean Your Camera Lens

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Lens is also a part of camera, so maintain and protect your lens is also an important thing. Today we are going to discuss about the proper cleaning methods to clean your DSLR camera lens. Many people don't know about the cleaning methods, they simply clean the lens or cleaning lotion.So lets go through the good practices that you can adopt to clean your lens.

lens cleaning, dslr, camera

Good Cleaning Methods & Items Needed

Step 1 : Using Air Blower

First you must remove all the dust particles from your lens, before using the cloth or lotion. Use air blower to blow all dust.

Step 2 : Lens Clean Brush

Then you can use soft lens clean brush to clean all minute particles and make sure there is no particles on the lens top.

Step 3 : Premium Cleaning Fluid

Theses fluids are specially designed for camera lens. Make sure that you are using the lens cleaning fluid with premium quality. Then spray it over the lens.

Step 4 : Premium Grade Lens Tissue

Lens cleaning tissues are very soft and dust lens. So use the cleaning tissue over the lens very gently and smoothly on rotating motion. After that wait for some time to evaporate the fluid completely from the lens.

Step 5 : Cotton Swabs 

Use cotton swabs to clean the lens body. Use can gently roll it over and remove dusts.
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Monochrome (Black and White) Conversion In Photoshop

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Making monochrome images in Photoshop is very easy technique but there is one simple problem in that. Monochrome (Black and White) images with combination of two colors 'Black' and 'White'. While making a monochrome image we should bother about the color balance according to image which is undergoing the process. Color toning which leads an important area in monochrome conversion. For example some images are plenty with yellow tones. Image of 'Yellow Flowers'. We should know about the toning of yellow color in Black and White processing. So lets go with the definition and tutorial of Monochrome conversion.

monochrome, photoshop, black and white

What Is Monochrome ?

Monochrome means that the images having one color or shades of one color. Monochromatic images have limited colors and hue. In monochromatic conversion only use the color shades of grey , so the images are also called as greyscale images.In digital photography, the time of post-processing a color image to greyscale or monochrome by combining the values of multiple channels Red, Blue, and Green. In 20'th century film photographers use black and white film roles for capturing monochromatic images.

Monochrome Conversion In Photoshop

Photoshop is the best image manipulation software available in the market. Photoshop has advance option while making the Black and White image. Photoshop provides the color channels for adjusting the actual tone of image. Go through the steps.
  • Install Adobe Photoshop (CS5 and above is better)
  • The open up a normal image which want monochromatic conversion
  • The remove the Lock and make the image as Layer
  • The go to Image in tabs
  • Then Adjustments -- Black & White

monochrome, black and white, conversion

The you can view the color correcter. There is advance option to adjust the Red, Green, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Blue. Then you can adjust according to the color tone of the image that you open up in Photoshop for the monochromatic conversion.

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Adobe CC Plan For Photography

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Adobe offers most comprehensive and a best solution for photography in unbelievable price. Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom are the best software's now available in the market for editing photos . These softeners provides best solutions to edit, enhance, and share your images anytime.


Adobe Photoshop CC

Photoshop provides a complete set of tools to edit, composite and transform your image to anything you want. Combine multiple images to change the prescriptive to create something new. In new update you can use Photoshop using iPad. There is a mobile app that lets you combine and cut out images, apply different looks, and more.

Adobe Lightroom

You can make your photography better and best. Easier, faster and absolutely new digital photography from your iPad and iPhone. Helps you to organize and share images to where you want. No matter how many edits you make, you can always revert back to your original image in just a click.

See Adobe CC Plans - Creative Cloud Photography Store

From The Author

All plans provided by Adobe is affordable. Both Annual and Monthly plans are also provided. The best plan is Photography plan and offer so many additional features too. Make an impression on your plans and enjoy the new solution to enhance, re-composite and edit your photos and make a new digital photography world.
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Introduction To Prime Lens

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Its too small when compared to a zoom lens. Its very comfort to carry, I just surprised when I saw a prime lens in my friend bag in 2005, before starting my photography career. Yeah today we are going to discuss an simple introduction on prime lens. The first thing that prime lens are very small in size compare to a zoom lens. Just go through the simple definition.


Definition of Prime Lens 

Prime lens are lens having one focal length. Which means that the focal length of prime lens is fixed and you can't adjust it like a zoom lens. Prime lenses are uni focal length and zoom lens are just variable focal length. Just opposite to a zoom lens what it have the property. 

You always got a zoom lens while buying a new camera. Its just inside kit. But so many people loves the prime lens which will buy additional.

Categorize the features

Now we are going to categorize some features of a prime lens. In which means to the Weight of Lens, Aperture Value and Price of Lens.

Weight Of Lens

In case of zoom lens weight of prime lens is comparatively very low. Its very easy to carry in your camera bag. Its is too compatible with all camera models and lens in size also.

Aperture Value 

The main argument by the prime lens lovers are the high speed aperture speed. Its aperture down to the value up-to f/1.2 and zoom lens value up-to f/2.8.
Canon 50mm f/1.2 ( INR - 1,05,000INR apx) One of the best lens from Canon for prime lens lovers.

Price Of Lens

Its very less in size and built in very cheap quality so the price is also affordable when we compare to the zoom lens.

My First Prime Lens

My first prime lens is Canon 50mm f/1.8. It is the cheap and small prime lens now available in market. If you are a zoom lens lover you can first try this lens to make some experience. Canon 50mm is very small in size and built-in quality is very cheap. Its about 110$ (INR 6,700 apx). Just try the new experience in prime.
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