Introduction To Prime Lens

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Its too small when compared to a zoom lens. Its very comfort to carry, I just surprised when I saw a prime lens in my friend bag in 2005, before starting my photography career. Yeah today we are going to discuss an simple introduction on prime lens. The first thing that prime lens are very small in size compare to a zoom lens. Just go through the simple definition.


Definition of Prime Lens 

Prime lens are lens having one focal length. Which means that the focal length of prime lens is fixed and you can't adjust it like a zoom lens. Prime lenses are uni focal length and zoom lens are just variable focal length. Just opposite to a zoom lens what it have the property. 

You always got a zoom lens while buying a new camera. Its just inside kit. But so many people loves the prime lens which will buy additional.

Categorize the features

Now we are going to categorize some features of a prime lens. In which means to the Weight of Lens, Aperture Value and Price of Lens.

Weight Of Lens

In case of zoom lens weight of prime lens is comparatively very low. Its very easy to carry in your camera bag. Its is too compatible with all camera models and lens in size also.

Aperture Value 

The main argument by the prime lens lovers are the high speed aperture speed. Its aperture down to the value up-to f/1.2 and zoom lens value up-to f/2.8.
Canon 50mm f/1.2 ( INR - 1,05,000INR apx) One of the best lens from Canon for prime lens lovers.

Price Of Lens

Its very less in size and built in very cheap quality so the price is also affordable when we compare to the zoom lens.

My First Prime Lens

My first prime lens is Canon 50mm f/1.8. It is the cheap and small prime lens now available in market. If you are a zoom lens lover you can first try this lens to make some experience. Canon 50mm is very small in size and built-in quality is very cheap. Its about 110$ (INR 6,700 apx). Just try the new experience in prime.

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