How To Protect Your DSLR Camera Screen

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Today we gonna discuss about some DSLR camera maintenance. The most important and sensitive part of your camera outside is your camera screen. So lets have some idea to protect your DSLR camera screen.

Screen Guard 

There are so many types screen guards are now available in shop, both the hard type protector and simple plastic type. Both are good ones. If your camera screen is tilt one so you can better go with the plastic type. And your screen is other type, the hard glass type protectors are good.

Good Cleaning Methods

The most important part is that the cleaning method. Here below I'm going to advice some good practices of cleaning your camera screen.

Follow These Methods

1. Use rocket blower to blow the particle dust over the screen.
2. Use camera cleaning liquid and spray it over the screen, and gently remove it.
3. Use micro fiber cloth over the screen softly/gently to clean the screen.

Don't Use These Methods

1. Don't clean the screen with hard cloth.
2. Don't use water, spray or any other cleaning lotions.

So many people don't know about the good cleaning methods, they always use the local sprays or any other screen to clean their screen. Camera screen is the most important part of a camera. Protect it !
Thanks for reading, feel free to comment any thoughts or doubts.
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How To Free From Blurry Images ?

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People always hate blurry images, because the main attraction of an image is its sharpness. Most of the amateur photographers are in great confusion about the blurry images. Its always gets less attraction in all medias.
Lets discuss about the solution for this problem. This tutorial is for DSLR users. digital camera users doesn't bother about the blurriness , because camera automatically sets the functions.

Shutter Speed Of The Camera

Manuel users understands about a term Shutter Speed in all DSLR cameras. Always go for high shutters means that 1/100 to higher is good. The camera will takes 100 frames in a second and it captures the motion in right way. The motion of the object is too high, go for higher shutter. 

Handling Of The Camera 

Handel the camera in right way to avoid minute shake. Hold the camera tightly and properly when press shutter button, It will help to reduce the unnoticeable shakes.

Use Tripod / Stand

Professionals always use tripod to take picture this is because to avoid unnecessary and unnoticeable shakes. Minute shakes will seriously affect the sharpness of the image while zooming it.

Hope you understand the methods for avoiding shakes and getting sharp images, thanks for reading my blog.
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How To Clean Your Images ?

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Yesterday one of my friend post an image in Social Media which has lots of noise in that. He is trouble with the clarity of image. Today so many people have this same problem that heavy noise in the image. Mostly the images taken in the night time.
Here we discuss about the clarity and remove dust/noise from the image in simple steps.

Software Needed
Adobe Photoshop - (CS4 or above is better)

Plugin For Photoshop
Noiseware (Shareware / Purchase)

Click Here To Download Noiseware Plugin

1. First install the Photoshop and install noiseware photoshop plugin inside it.
2. Then open your image
3. Goto - Filter - Imagenomic - Noiseware
4. Adjust the settings according to your photograph.

After using the plugin it will remove all the noise from your images. Then we discuss about increasing the clarity of image.

In photoshop -  Goto - Filter - Sharpen - Smart Sharpen (settings according to your photograph)

Finish with process and now you have a noise free clarity image. Thanks for reading, feel free to comment any indecision here.

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Make Money On Photography

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Photography is good profession for making money. Now a days so many peoples are on photography for making money and some people are of making photography as their profession. Photography is a field of creativity, its not easy to make money by selling your creativity. Using the creativity in advanced method is the only way to stick on photography, there is no secondary option to replace the creativity. Always use it in new way. Photography can be classified in to so many terms. Macro, Landscape, Candid, Wedding, Portfolio, Nature, it goes on.

money, photography

1. Choosing Your Category

First you choose your category is the most important thing. Find out your talent in making good ones. If you are talented with macro photography, make a good professionalism and perfection in that. Always people do that handle so many, its not a good way in photography. Choose the right one and stick on that. Then make creative output. Share it and make money.

2. Make Your Position 

Next thing is that to make your position in right place. The only way to make position, boost-up your way of thinking and go to new and advanced level of creative photography. Don't make it too easy, always be good and best with the results. Don't adjust with your results. Try more and more to get best results.

3. Function Of Photography

Another important one is to know about the function and right setup of photography. Learn all the basics and advanced level of photography. Always go with photographic terms. Learn about the function of photographic equipment ,filters and Digital SLR working methods.

4. Wedding Photography

So many peoples are making money from wedding photography. A great number of photographers are by category he/she is wedding photographer. Now a days people are more interested in getting good pictures of wedding and making costly albums too. If you are good for taking portfolios and candid photography you can easily try with wedding photography. By professionally its a good method of making money.

5. Part Time Occupation

Handling photography as a part time occupation/business and make money from that. You can do your job for making monthly income and make photography as part time business. Many of my friend doing photography as their side business having good and secure job. Here they can make an additional income for their entertainments and other enjoyments. 

6. Be Professional

In any field understanding the all methods and techniques and be a professional. The good way to achieve your right and secure position in photography or any other media, be a professional

Thanks for reading any queries about this topic, you can contact me through contact form (its a simple method),

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Photography Revision About ND Filter

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In photography we use filters for so many purpose. Today we are going discus a revision about the ND filters. ND filters are also known to be Neutral Density filters. In filters we use CPL we could discuss about it later are also be the same use of ND filters. But CPL does't control too much light but it can control. ND filters are mainly used in photography for controlling the availability of light for taking long exposures in high light situations. ND filters controls the light that comes to sensor of the camera and the shutter will open for long time.It slow down the recording time of action winch means that increase the rate of shutter speed. 

Classification of ND Filters 

ND filters classifies in the means which allows the entry of light. ND filter 2, ND filter 4, ND filter 8. Normally the classification goes likes this. 2,4,8 which means 2 allows more light than 4. If the intensity of the light higher in situation so you can use the ND filter 2 & 4 so here the filter size is 6. So it allows the entering of light and higher the shutter rate. If the shutter rate is high the action will record slowly.

Use of ND Filters - Situations  

We can use ND filters in photographing a waterfall , clouds, river, sea. Which the the situations have a movement and it records a smooth way because of higher shutter. The image will taken this way have a more imaginary touch. The top of this blog post I represent two images with ND filter and without. It will shows the difference. 

Hope you understand the ND filter revision. If you have any doubts or clarification about this topic put a comment or feel free to contact me through the contact form. Thanks
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