Sharpen Your Images In Photoshop Using High Pass Filter

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Today we are going to learn how to sharpen your images in Adobe Photoshop using High Pass Filter. Its a simple technique that most of the Photoshop users are using to make more sharpen the images. By using this filter effect we can increase the sharpness of image and by that we can add more quality and professional touch to our images, With the high pass filter you should get better results in your photographs. The high pass filter will retouch the edges of the image, it will appear more sharpen. So lets go through it.

Here I add the image, with high pass filter.

Without High Pass Filter

highpass, filter,photoshop

With High Pass Filter

highpass, filter,photoshop

Here we can easily find out the difference where the head portion of the first elephant is more detailed when we add the high pass filter. Red and yellow balloons are also more detailed. Its the image only just added the high pass filter. After adding the filter you must color correct it. And correct the saturation and contrast also to get better results.

So lets go through the high pass filter sharpen technique.

High Pass Filter Sharpen In Photoshop

  • Open the Image in Adobe Photoshop (CS5 - Or higher version is better to preserve the quality)
  • Then make the image as layer
  • Make a copy of the same image by pressing Ctrl + J (Windows) , Command + J (Mac)
  • The Go-to Filter - Other - High Pass (Adjust the high pass value)
  • Then press your layer copy and add soft light
  • After that adjust the contrast and saturation of the image to get better result.
My final result after the color correction.

highpass, filter,photoshop

Here you can see a big difference after the proper color correction made to the image. You can adjust color tones and it related to mood of the image.

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