Protect Your DSLR Camera From Weather Conditions


Just think about the DSLR protection ? Are you worry about the weather conditions that may seriously affect your camera ? Today I am going to discuss about some daily tips to protect your camera from weather conditions. This tips are followed by me for last five years to safe my two DSLR cameras. Here you can also follow these simple methods.

Advance DSLR Bag

Buy one advance level DSLR camera bag. That types of bags have the inter coating, this may helps your camera to safe from all exterior contacts. By this you can keep your camera safe.

DSLR Protection Case

Now there is one DSLR protection case is available in camera stores. Buy one, that may cover your camera body from all exterior contacts and dust. When you are using this additional cover body, every month you must clean your camera removing this protection case.

Good Cloth

Use one good micro fiber cloth to cover your DSLR camera and this type of cloths don't make a starch on your camera body. Cover it simply, not make to tight on covering and after that you can keep it in your bag.

Remove the Battery

Remove the battery when you are not using the camera. Otherwise there is no use for a longtime it may discharges and when comes in contact with the exterior weather it will damage the battery. Always better keeps the battery in case while its not in use.

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