Photography Revision About ND Filter

In photography we use filters for so many purpose. Today we are going discus a revision about the ND filters. ND filters are also known to be Neutral Density filters. In filters we use CPL we could discuss about it later are also be the same use of ND filters. But CPL does't control too much light but it can control. ND filters are mainly used in photography for controlling the availability of light for taking long exposures in high light situations. ND filters controls the light that comes to sensor of the camera and the shutter will open for long time.It slow down the recording time of action winch means that increase the rate of shutter speed. 

Classification of ND Filters 

ND filters classifies in the means which allows the entry of light. ND filter 2, ND filter 4, ND filter 8. Normally the classification goes likes this. 2,4,8 which means 2 allows more light than 4. If the intensity of the light higher in situation so you can use the ND filter 2 & 4 so here the filter size is 6. So it allows the entering of light and higher the shutter rate. If the shutter rate is high the action will record slowly.

Use of ND Filters - Situations  

We can use ND filters in photographing a waterfall , clouds, river, sea. Which the the situations have a movement and it records a smooth way because of higher shutter. The image will taken this way have a more imaginary touch. The top of this blog post I represent two images with ND filter and without. It will shows the difference. 

Hope you understand the ND filter revision. If you have any doubts or clarification about this topic put a comment or feel free to contact me through the contact form. Thanks

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