How To Clean Your Images ?


Yesterday one of my friend post an image in Social Media which has lots of noise in that. He is trouble with the clarity of image. Today so many people have this same problem that heavy noise in the image. Mostly the images taken in the night time.
Here we discuss about the clarity and remove dust/noise from the image in simple steps.

Software Needed
Adobe Photoshop - (CS4 or above is better)

Plugin For Photoshop
Noiseware (Shareware / Purchase)

Click Here To Download Noiseware Plugin

1. First install the Photoshop and install noiseware photoshop plugin inside it.
2. Then open your image
3. Goto - Filter - Imagenomic - Noiseware
4. Adjust the settings according to your photograph.

After using the plugin it will remove all the noise from your images. Then we discuss about increasing the clarity of image.

In photoshop -  Goto - Filter - Sharpen - Smart Sharpen (settings according to your photograph)

Finish with process and now you have a noise free clarity image. Thanks for reading, feel free to comment any indecision here.

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