About Author

Me, Linto Raju from Kerala, India who is simply a foodie and tripper all the time. Basically, this lazy man had found a way to make his laziness colorful - Photography. Not just the passion, Photography is just everything to him. His life has been characterized by experimental apertures and shutter speeds. The regret of many moments which I had lost in my childhood had driven me into the world of photography.
For me, I am not taking snaps for just capturing a moment, I want that to be with me wherever I go.
As a photographer, my favorites are travel photography and landscapes.

My Gear

Cameras : Canon EOS 70D, Canon 600D,
Lenses : Canon 50mm f1.8, Canon 18-135mm, Tokina 11-16mm

Favorite Books

▪ Digital Photography (Andrewson)
▪ Better Photography (Magazine)
▪ Adobe Photoshop Bible
▪ 10 Designs (Graphics)